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Academy Collection Service Inc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Academy Collection Service Inc

750 Pilot Rd. #A
Las Vegas NV 89119
(800) 220-0605

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
215-281-7500 215-281-7500 215-320-0424 215-320-0424 800-994-7487 800-994-7487

They call at all times of the day and leave messages.

I received a phone call this morning and when I looked on the caller ID it said private call so I picked up the phone thinking it might be one of my clients. A Mr. Miller identified himself and his company and proceeded to yell at me. He was threatening me the whole time telling me that I needed to pay the citibank card off immediately or I would be taken to court. I told him I understood it was my debt and that I was willing to take care of it. I mentioned that I had not lived at the address they had in about 5 years and no one had called or mailed me anything. He told me it was my responsibility to give a change of address. I stated that I had changed my address at the post office and had my mail forwarded.

As he was yelling at me he told me to "close my trap and listen." He also called me a "dumb blond" since I could not remember his name because he had immediately started yelling. I yelled back that I am not blond. At that point my husband advised me to ask to speak with another person. Mr. Miller asked me if that was my "crap lawyer in the back ground," a word he used quite a few times. I told him that that was my husband whom I love and that I did not need to be talked to this way. He also insisted on calling me by my maiden name and when I asked him to call me by my married name he replied by saying that their office had my maiden name and that is what he would call me. The second time I demanded that he call me by my married name, which he could not even pronounce correctly after I stated it twice.

I tried to talk to him calmly and tell him that I did not deserve to be harassed in such a manner and that he would not get far in life if he treated people in this way.

Finally, I asked Mr. Miller what the address and phone number of his company was and he refused to give them to me. I also asked to speak to a supervisor and he put me on hold, he then came back and told me his supervisor was on the other line and could not speak to me and he was the only one I could deal with. He proceeded to keep yelling and threatening me, so I asked again for his supervisor. I was almost in tears by this time. After having been on the phone about 40 minutes with Mr. Miller, A Mr. Adams came on the line.

I stated to Mr. Adams that I did not appreciate being talked to in such a manner and some of the specific words that Mr. Miller had used. I told Mr. Adams that I could only handle $50 a month. Mr. Adams demanded at least $400 a month or I would be taken to court. I asked him for the address and phone number of the company and he rattled them off and hung-up. I had to call back and speak to a receptionist to make sure I had the address correct.

I understand that I owe the money and I am willing to take care of the situation. However, I do NOT think that it is right to make people feel violated like I do. Something needs to be done about this company. Their manner of speaking to people is outrageous and CANNOT be tolerated. I am glad to find out that I am not the only one who has been treated this way. I hope that citibank will not stand for this.

If anyone who reads this could e-mail me anything that would be helpful in my dealings with Academy Services, I would appreciate it greatly. If you have been taken to court by this company, it would be nice to know the outcome.

Wishing the best of luck to anyone who gets a call from Academy Services,

S. R. James9/7/10
Academy Collection Service Inc. should take actions immediately about their serious issues they are facing right now for the betterment of the company. Clients responses or their complaints should take into consideration. Especially if it plays a big role on the image of the company.

Moreover, the company must maintain a good communication skills towards their clients. Courtesy is the main key for a good and lasting employee-client relationship. The company must provide trainings and seminar on how to be a good employee for the company's future transactions and for the satisfaction of their current customers.

The debt collection agency wants my principal payment and the interest back now. These scumbags will never stop trying to collect debt from me. They always try to collect more than they should. Iím pissed off and my friends that use this company are also pissed off. Donít use this company Ė you might regret it.

These people should be made to go out of business. They hire disreputable people who are rude and tell them to verbally abuse and intimidate the people they are trying to dun. Hell can freeze over before I will give these assholes one freakin' penny. Keep in mind that once a company sells a debt to a debt collector, the company has already written off your debt as a bad debt and has taken a tax credit for it. They won't be getting your money because they took the tax credit AND sold your debt to a collection agency. So just remember that you no longer owe the original company any loyalty to pay off your debt. If they wouldn't make payment arrangements with you and opted to take the tax credit and the money for selling your debt instead, then why should you pay debt collectors? These people are bottom feeders. They add fees, commissions, etc., such that the amount they ask for is sometimes 3-4 times the amount of the original debt. I think Americans should put debt collectors out of business.

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