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Asset Acceptance LLC Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Asset Acceptance LLC

P.O. Box 2036
Warren MI 48090
(800) 545-9931

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
586-939-9600 586-939-9600 410-846-2500 410-846-2500 480-588-0753 480-588-0753 410-933-7200 410-933-7200 480-588-0704 480-588-0704 480-588-0744 480-588-0744 866-266-6600 866-266-6600 813-793-7623 813-793-7623 248-605-0943 248-605-0943 410-846-2501 410-846-2501 410-846-2503 410-846-2503 813-793-7608 813-793-7608 248-605-0941 248-605-0941 480-588-0743 480-588-0743 410-846-2502 410-846-2502 410-968-7943 410-968-7943 866-608-0400 866-608-0400 210-979-3642 210-979-3642 480-588-0745 800-781-4401 800-781-4401 248-605-8943 248-605-8943 877-929-7796 877-929-7796 480-588-0754 480-588-0754 248-605-0491 248-605-0491 813-569-0810 813-569-0810 800-455-2554 800-455-2554 206-605-0941 206-605-0941 201-210-3618 201-210-3618 512-768-9803 512-768-9803 248-605-0944 248-605-0944 800-821-9533 800-821-9533 480-882-0108 480-882-0108 888-397-8183 888-397-8183 311-556-3320 311-556-3320 877-277-3850 877-277-3850 866-486-2857 866-486-2857 800-875-4350 800-875-4350 216-744-1102 216-744-1102 410-846-8280 586-834-1144 586-834-1144 757-990-8898 757-990-8898 434-878-9957 434-878-9957 434-878-9958 434-878-9958 818-746-9230 818-746-9230 301-223-0059 301-223-0059 703-656-9845 757-209-2028 757-209-2028 757-209-2019 757-209-2019 301-223-0110 301-223-0110 571-261-0109 571-261-0109 571-261-0101 571-261-0101 443-550-7962 443-550-7962 571-261-0103 571-261-0103 571-261-0111 571-261-0111 757-209-2009 757-209-2009 443-550-7945 443-550-7945 703-656-9850 703-656-9850 443-550-7959 443-550-7959 301-223-0039 301-223-0039 215-364-9789 215-364-9789 703-656-9940 703-656-9940 757-209-2072 757-209-2072 703-398-0757 703-398-0757 434-878-9956 434-878-9956 703-656-9944 703-656-9944 703-656-9939 800-725-7050 800-725-7050 804-234-9038 804-234-9038 804-234-9057 804-234-9057 512-768-9800 512-768-9800 712-941-3521 712-941-3521 216-485-8400 216-485-8400 866-580-4816 866-580-4816 845-512-1599 845-512-1599 712-941-3520 712-941-3520 804-234-9054 804-234-9054 804-234-9058 804-234-9058 727-213-9122 727-213-9122 866-381-7251 866-381-7251 804-234-9036 804-234-9036 804-234-9044 804-234-9044 480-588-0746 480-588-0746 757-209-2031 757-209-2031 804-234-9056 804-234-9056 888-673-8490 888-673-8490 804-234-9037 800-832-8587 800-832-8587 813-793-7600 813-793-7600 813-464-2350 813-464-2350 866-643-1422 866-643-1422 614-652-2637 614-652-2637 248-220-8707 248-220-8707 248-220-8700 248-220-8700 773-668-1601 773-668-1601 800-213-8040 800-213-8040 248-220-8709 248-220-8709 216-744-1196 216-744-1196 248-220-8708 248-220-8708 866-266-7550 866-266-7550 949-614-0041 949-614-0041 210-979-3629 210-979-3629 800-454-9931 800-454-9931 707-676-1830 707-676-1830 866-992-1800 866-992-1800 940-295-1782 940-295-1782 940-295-1785

Justin T. Rohrer8/28/10
n 2003, I defaulted on a credit card with Chase Bank. Earlier this year, they charged off the debt and sold it to Asset Acceptance LLC. I ignored them, never called back, never wrote back for months. In June of this year, I received paperwork from them, stating they had field suit in civil court against me. I had done a lot of research, and stumbled upon the Statute of Limitations regarding Credit Card debt. In my state of Virginia, the SOL is 3 years for CC's. Apparently, they filed suit a week or two before the SOL expired, so it looks as though that won't work for me. In the paperwork they sent me, they openly admit that the original note/contract was either "destroyed" or had been lost.

On June 25th, I showed up to the pre-trial hearing. When I approached, the judge asked me "Are you disputing that you owe this money?". I said yes. The judge proceeded to discuss when would be a good date for the trial to begin, and wasn't really going to give me a chance to speak. He seemed to be in a hurry. I respectfully interjected and said “Your Honor, I’d like to ask that this case be dismissed.” The Asset lawyer rolled his eyes and looked irritated, and the judged looked at me kind’ve shocked. He said “On what grounds?” I said “Well, I believe the Statute of Limitations may have expired on this account.” He said “Please explain.” I said “My last payment was sometime around May in 2003, and it’s now June of 2009. The Statute of Limitations in Virginia is 3 years for Open Accounts.” The judge looked at the lawyer and asked what he had to say to that. The lawyer pulled out some paperwork and showed the judge and said that they had filed suit in April, and therefore he was under the belief that they had beat the clock. The judge told me “The Statute of Limitations would be a valid defense, but you’d need to bring that up in the court hearing. Based on what you’ve told me, I’m not willing to dismiss the case. However, they (Asset) have to show payment records to prove that this account is, in fact, not past the Statute of Limitations (and then he smirked and said), which they MAY or MAY NOT be able to do.” At that point I asked him to dismiss based on the grounds that I did not believe they had any evidence to prove I owed them anything. I told him that I had no business relationship with them, I had not contract with them, and I had proof, in writing from Asset that they do not own the original note or contract. He told me that that also would be a valid defense, but would be something I’d need to bring up in the actual trial, and not worthy of him dismissing.

I have until August 7th to file my defense and send it to the court and to Asset’s lawyers. I keep hoping every day that they will call or write me saying they’re dropping the case. I really figured they just thought I wouldn’t show, and would hope for a default judgment, and when they found out I was going to put up a fight, they’d back off. I can’t afford a lawyer, and don’t know what to do. I’d love any advice you guys have to give.


George Tucker11/9/10
I can say people from Asset Acceptance LLC are very unprofessional and kind of rude.Each time I called at one of their numbers to get some additional info I wanted to know I had to wait for like 5 minutes just so a "nice" lady would take the phone and explain to me what I wanted to know.After I phoned first , I still didn't receive all info I wanted so I had to call another two times.

they had field suit in civil court against me (CANNOT)they located in Maryland, you're in VIRGINIA, worst scenario, go to court and pay $ 10 per month, your APR may be higher now than what will be stipulated in court.


comes on caller ID dozens of times over a week.

Finally I use #67 and my unmetered long
distance to call them back.

I got a person. I gave him the phone number.
He asks who I am and I asked
"Who am I supposed to be, YOU called me!"

He's looking for a person with same lastname
and same first initial but wrong gender and
wrong first name.

I told him nobody by that name has been at
this number for the last 6 years that I've had it.

I asked him why the DOZENS of calls never
left any kind of voice mail message.

I told him his company has an interesting
business model, collecting on charged
off debts, debts that are beyond their
statute of limitations.

But dozens of wrong number calls without
leaving any voicemail/answering machine
message is going to get them in trouble.


Justin - going thru same thing u are but with different debt collectors. Seems the judges want the debt collectors. Perhaps they get some of the money. They also have to look at the debt collectors every week and not us. They are all so shocked when u stand up for yourself and ask the case to be set aside. It's much easier if we lay down and make payments. Then the judge doesn't have to deal with it. I wish u the best. All of us should stand up to the crooks.

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