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Borack and Associates Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Borack and Associates

2300 Maitland Center Parkway
Maitland FL 32751

Additional Known Phone Numbers:

Borack & Associates have been harassing my son and I for sometime now. Now we have been sued to place a judgment. Although these accounts are old and small-the judgments are for $4800.00 and $1500. They will not take payment arrangement for the amount owed. They 10 fold penalties, of which they themselves bought this loan for much less. How can we pay this off, if judgments accrue interest daily?

I have tried to resolve my debt with American Express through this horrible collection agency. If a debtor calls in to try and make some type of payment arrangement why on earth would you give the debtor attitude and speak to them in a demeaning manner?...

Elena R.9/7/10
I have been bothered by Borack and Associates for the past three months now. I've been negotiating to them and we come out for a settlement agreement. I simply asked them for writing a letter stating our agreement and as well as a signature below the page. When they send me the letter, it was just a confirmation letter regarding our settlement agreement but doesn't have any signature in it. I called the company and I talked to this woman named martha. I explained to her that I simply want to have a formal letter in order to resolve the debt. But she didn't even care. She says that she knows what she's doing and just trust her for that. I really had a hard time talking to her. I hope that it would settle some time.

Also have had bad experiences with them. They are collecting on behalf of Amex and Amex is willing to accept a settlement but they will not respond to Amex WHO THEY ARE WORKING ON BEHALF OF. Hard to deal with and they do not give straight answers. be VERY careful wehn dealing w/ them

Borack and Associates are nothing more than a bunch of scam artist scumbags!!!!! In fact, I sued the $h1t out of them!!
They buy old out dated debts that have been closed for pennies and then go after those people for the full debt amount. If you don't pay the debt they will seek judgment against you just to try and ruin your life!!!! They actually tried to get me last year for an old debt that I paid off back in 1998!! They had a Douche bag named David who called every day pretty much every hour on the hour and even in the middle of the night! Those scumbags just wouldn't quit no matter how many times I sent them proof that the debt was paid!! Luckily, I lived in Florida about 15 minutes away from their office at the time so I contacted my attorney and we went and served them with a harassment lawsuit and I got $43,000.00 plus another $7,600.00 for lawyer fees in an out of court settlement!!

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