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Richard H. Lynch8/31/10
I have what I think is an unusual situation. I had a Direct Merchants credit card account through HSBC. Because of many financial troubles I didn't pay for more than 6 months. Last month I sent them a letter with a $100.00 payment indicating that I can start up payments again and catch up when I can. They cashed the check and then about 2-3 weeks later (March 8th) I receive a letter from "The Bureaus, Inc." collection agency indicating that this debt was purchased from MET1 by Bureaus Investment Group No 11 LLC. The balance also was increased indicating that my $100.00 was never applied anywhere. First of all, who is MET1?? Obviously, I need to ask for validation on this in order to find out who really owns the debt. Any ideas on who was MET1 because I certainly don't think it was the original creditor. It appears that this account has changed hands three times (Original Creditor, MET1, then Bureaus Investment Group) within a two to three week period. Any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas would be appreciated.

Michael D Holmes9/10/10
Michael has come to me for help in correcting his credit report. You came up as an creditor on his report. Is their any posibility in comming to a settlement for a lesser amount? We also need to know who you purchases the dept from.

Jeff Surdyk 703 528 6635
Michael Holmes 202 422 6969

Account # on the credit report 414516190

Kristin Parker12/1/10
I also have the same situation. HSBC Met 1 then Bureaus.

Dee W.2/5/11
I received a postcard from my local jurisdiction stating that Default Judgment has been awarded to the Plaintiff which is Bureaus Investment Group. Really? I never received court papers that I had a hearing.

Same thing here! Now they sent it to Stoneleigh Recovery Assoc. They nhave not validated this in five years. Send all letters (copies) from all collection agenices to the credit reporting agenices to show they have shit. They took it off my report.

Delmas Pounds6/14/11
I received a call from a company name Delta Outsource Group, Inc. They said they representing Bureaus investment group, I told them the account was with a debt settlement company company, the said it doesn't matter. If we the account is not paid they will file a civil sued

Met1 probably is refering to METRIS. even though you may have a direct merchants credit card, Metris is the actual financer on direct merchants portfolios

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