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Fifi Ngo3/15/11
To Whom It May Concern:

I'm a patient of Dr. Craig Witz in Houston Fertility Institute (HFI) at Piney Point Surgery Center, Houston, TX. You sent me a collection of $248.62 and this is wrong because the Billing Office of Dr. Witz already taken care of this amount of $248.62 to your client, the Bayou Anesthesia & Paint Services. I am not responsible for this collection, and I request you from now on DO NOT try to send collection to me again because this amount of money already paid to Bayou Anesthesia & Pain Services by Billing Office of HFI. If you have any question or concern please contact your client (the Bayou Anesthesia) and the Billing Department of Dr. Witz Office at (281) 351-5730 to clear this problem. Thank you!

Best regards,
Fifi K Ngo
(713) 291-1787

Traci C.7/20/11
I called frost arnett because I was trying to clean up some things on my credit report. I didn't recognize the name or account number or the creditor. I spoke with a rep named "Adam". I started out asking questions about the debt. He said in a very rude manner "you're asking questions bit you won't let me answer! I told him I wasn't upset with him or his company but I did dispute the debt. He continues into his "you ignored this debt, you don't care about your credit....." I reminded him that this should not be personal. He doesn't know me and I don't know him. I just wanted to know if I could contact the original creditor to investigate this myself. He quickly said " your nit trying to resolve this issue!" and hung up on me! What?!!!! Really?!! You can best believe I'm letting everyone know "Adam" and frost arnett. I'm bloggin, reporting to the BBB and every website I can find about complaints!

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