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Medicredit Corporation Inc. Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Medicredit Corporation Inc.

190 Carondelet Plaza Suite 1590
St. Louis MO 63105

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
314-837-2200 877-405-6362 573-499-0822

I once used my credit card for buying my mom an assistive device since she has osteoarthritis.My mom's joy couldn't be replaced until she learned that this firm started calling me to follow up payment about the gift I bought her. I talked to the staff and explained that it's not possible since I already paid it off a year ago. They said that i never made any payment at all so the card company used their service.Good thing I still have my records and told them that I have proof. They simply won't accept my statement which is crazy.Does anyone know this firm?

I've had the almost the same issue with them not accepting my statement. I did some googling and noticed others having the same problem. This company seems pretty unprofessional and unethical to me.

Same here. Their website provided me a payment confirmation after I paid a bill via credit card. Never heard a peep from them after that until I discovered 3 months later that they had submitted that particular invoice to my credit history as "in collections".

The rep could only tell me "we don't take that credit card". Um...why did your payment system take it then? And why didn't someone let me know that the payment confirmation provided to me was erroneous and that the amount was still outstanding? No one contacted me after that payment attempt. No one.

They scoff at why I thought it was paid this whole time, even after faxing them the payment confirmation they gave me.

Totally unethical.

We keep getting harrassing phone calls from Medicredit accusing our son of not paying a hospital bill that was incured sometime last year while my son was in high school. The hospital is in California; we live outside of Chicago. They have people searching for all similar names of those with delinquent accounts and go after all of them hoping to recoup something. They haven't let up even though it was proven that the social security numbers didn't match. We, too, are going the attorney route.

I used to work for this company; it is not fraudulent, and they are doing work based off information given by clients, the hospitals or other companies using the company's services. Attempts are made by phone and mail to contact each individual based off information given by the original establishment, and if the information is incorrect, the company will run searches for the individual based off their SS# and DOB. Trust me, they are trying to get paid and want to get the money; they will make the efforts to reach an individual. Also, there is a grace period of at least 45 days before credit reporting ever occurs so that they can attempt to reach the debtor before it will negatively effect them; it's not like they really want to go out and do that, but it is used as a tool to get an individual to pay in a more timely manner.

These debts are not bought. There is an agreement between the companies, and MediCredit is not trying to make extra money off of them, but some companies do charge interest on their accounts (read all agreements before you sign them), and this can continue while making payments on the account. And even when you are making payments with a hospital or company, they are not obligated to keep it in their office and can send it off to collections at their disposal. Once again, MediCredit does not control when they receive this information. They get it and are told to collect on it; if payments are needed, most reps are more than willing to work with you. Yes, you do have to provide info to show you're unable to pay in full, and there are a couple reps there that can be difficult to work with, but more often than not, the patients are too stubborn to really listen at all. They immediately get upset about the prospect of collections that they refuse to work with them when the collector is really actually trying to help.

And for individuals that say that they already paid their debt, then just provide the information and don't just say, 'Check with your client.' The reason they're calling is that the information still shows it as being owed, and sometimes, there is human error or information has crossed paths. MediCredit has a department that will check with the client to see where information might have been mixed up, or if there are multiple accounts, then a payment could have been applied to that one instead of the one in collections; that's why they try to get specific payment information. Also, insurance DOES NOT pay 100%; sometimes there is just a co-pay, but more often than not there is more, whether it is deductible or co-insurance. You need to make sure you follow-up with your insurance company after a date of service to see what your obligation will be, even if you are given a quote before the service. If given a quote before, you better get that in writing because what they tell you before you go in can only be an estimate; the exact amount is never known until everything is processed. And if you do pay the debt when it is your insurance company's obligation to actually pay it, then it is their responsibilty to reimburse you for it.

Once again, MediCredit does not control the information the are given by the clients. If there are bad numbers or wrong addresses, they will search to find new ones, it's not like they're trying to hide it from you. Also, always follow up with insurance or the company after the final service is performed to see what your obligation will be because assuming you will not owe anything is ingnorance on the patient's part, especially with insurance nowadays.

Also, the last # I knew to reach them is 877.395.3125. You can try to go through the DV letter that everyone else talks about, but that will take a whole lot longer than just calling and trying to discuss it over the phone.

Here is a letter I sent to the Sisters of Charity (ha ha) Leavenworth (should tell you something) who run St. James Healthcare.
I am appalled at your lack of concern for patients trying to pay off medical bills. You call yourselves the "Sisters of Charity". I have been making consistent payments on a hospital bill for St. James Healthcare, Butte, MT for the past year. I informed St. James that my husband and I could only afford $50.00 (fifty dollars) a month while we were paying off 5 other medical bills and that as soon as one was paid off, we would add to the amount paid to St. James. The total bill was for $3597.90, discounted by $179.87. The insurance then paid $2334.42, so we are not talking about a really large balance here.

St. James repeatedly failed to send statements or when they did they were threatening collections. I paid monthly, regardless. I called each time I was threatened with collection and was assured it would NOT be sent to collection if we continued to pay the $50.00 per month. Your representatives were always nice and cordial and I was shocked that this account had been turned over to collections. My next payment is not due until March 15!!!

This morning I received a very nasty call from Medi Credit telling me if I did not make a payment arrangement TODAY, they would put information on my credit report saying we were delinquent in payments. They had a record of the recent payments we made but this did not matter.

I am sure that when you "sold" this to Medi Credit you got less than we were willing to pay you. I intend to call the St. James office tomorrow regarding this matter. I am still willing to deal directly with St. James since this collection agency has a really bad reputation.

I had been warned by many people in our community not to go to St. James Healthcare because they are a heartless money hungry corporation. Be assured, I will not go to your hospital but will use my local Anaconda Hospital or drive to the hospitals in Missoula.

I hope you would look into the business practices of St. James Healthcare in their dealings with people who are NOT deadbeats and who are making a sincere attempt to pay you off.

I called this company and spoke with a Tyler. I was unaware I had a past due acccount. I then paid my debt. I did not have any complaints about professionalism or disrespect.

I had a medical bill that went to collection, the problem, I did not receive any notification that I owed $100 until I looked at my credit report, I contacted medicredit and paid the bill, but they are rather reluctant to remove this bill owed from my credit report.

Shari Stamps3/29/11
My husband has been receiving harrassing phone calls regarding a medical bill we were not even aware had gone to collections! We have never missed a payment and when I tried to discuss this with the supervisor named Patti she basically informed me that I was lying or the collection agency would not be involved. My last payment was days ago and processed by the original creditor along with all the other payments I have already made.I found this company to be rude and feel we are being harassed for an account we were never delinquent on. I will pursue whatever legal recourses neccessary to stop this harrassment and have this account returned to the original creditor.

On october 25th 2010 I received a bill from st thomas more ekg for $88 dollars I sent a money order that same day to st thomas more for $88. I thought every thing was paid and then in feburary of 2011 I get a notice from medicredit saying I owed $88 to st thomas more ekg. I talked with them and sent in the proof of the last bill and the money order. I thought this would solve this. it didn;t I keep getting phone calls from medicredit wanting me to pay the $88 dollars. I sent them the proof that I paid this bill two more times. I still was getting calls from them so I sent them all the proof one more time with a cease and decest letter. received a call today june 10 five days after sending the information and the letter. the man I talked to said they had not got the information yet. I know better mail from colorado to missouri only takes three days.

I would not do business with this company. I received a call in Feb from one of their collector's saying I owed $50.00 for a past due medical bill. This bill was paid for in early Jan. They told me I would need to provide them with the date the bill was paid and the form of payment we used. I thought this was all over and taken care off. I get a call today March 29, and they inform me that they contacted the creditor and the debt is valid. I called the creditor and they stated this bill is paid and sent me a copy of my receipt. The creditor claims Medicredit Corp, Inc never verified this debt and if they would've, they would of seen that this was paid in Jan. If you are a business I would not turn your collections over to them. They were very rude and unprofessional and didn't even take the time to verify this with their client. I am looking into hiring an attorney and fighting for justice. I have worked to long and hard to get my credit in good shape for them to mess it up for something I don't even owe.

My son received a bill from them out of the blue for $80 - this was for an examination at a hospital after an accident. He said he was ok but insisted that they check him out. He asked if he would be billed and was told no. Now that this bill has turned up, we can find no trace of them being a member of ACA for the office address shown at the top of the bill. We have contacted the ACA for verification of this corporation being bona fide. Awaiting their response. Like the other comments above, I'm sure his credit record will be tarnished for something totally outside his control.Incidentally, this bill arrived 2 years after his vacation in the states.

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