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United Collection Bureau Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

United Collection Bureau

4100 Horizons Dr, #101,
Columbus OH 43220

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
419-866-6227 419-866-6227 800-866-6228 800-866-6228 770-748-4212 770-748-4212 800-890-8738 800-890-8738 866-327-7328 866-327-7328 800-344-8183

Henry B. Farrell8/28/10
The story...I received a call for my housemate back in September from a Mr Gomez. He claimed to work for the "pre-legal" department of UCB and left a "case number". Mmmmm, I thought. Now, I am an ex collector. Made a call to a friend in Florida who was a collector. Asked him about UCB. Told me he worked for them for 2 weeks and quit because of the violations. Told me they are a collection agency only and have no legal powers! Good I thought. Got em!

The following week, my housemate got an urgent call from his sister. She received the following message on her answering machine. . “Message for xxxxx. Listed you as a reference. Need him to call me regarding account xxxxxx. If I do not hear from him, we will issue a warrant for his arrest.” She left the phone number 1-800-890-8738 ext 3880. (Upon viewing collector licenses for this office, I would have to assume that this is Rachel Lacroix,). His sister called and spoke to Rachel. Rachel admitted to having his home phone number. She also repeated that she would issue a warrant for his arrest and no matter what, she would get paid. Cool more violations...big time. We now have them violationing FDCPA on an AM plus numerous other violations!

We wrote a letter to UCB and sent it in certified, return receipt requested. Outline the numerous violations not to mention the pain and suffering and embarassment these events have caused. Suggested a settlement amount. Gave them permission to contact housemate in regards to the settlement only. No other communication was authorized. Got the signed green card back ..it is sitting on the desk in front on me!

Guess what came in the mail today! Another letter from UCB. They ignored the cease and desist! Fun! Has Toledo address on top and phone number of 1-877-236-3791. Call this phone number thinking it was Toledo. Man who would identify himself only as "Dean" answered. I asked for a name to send the next complaint letter to. I would not identify my housemate as they have no authorization to talk to me about it. (Hell I should have gone ahead and let them discuss it with me....another violation!) Dean, refused his last name, and also refused to give me any names. He then threatened to call 911 in my city (he had caller ID)and report me! Told him to go ahead. (Another potential lawsuit.) I did finally get a phone number for UCB in Toledo and spoke with a receptionist. She gave me the name and address of Kate Miller, Complaince Officer. I told her briefly what happend and told me the do things differently in the Florida office and Toledo was only corporate. Let the good times roll! Someone has to stop these violations. Think will file suit in federal court and name individual collectors on the suit.

William Jackson11/9/10
Those people don't have any respect.I've received phone calls in the night from them and they keep calling during the day.

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